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Financial calculator
for professionals!
   Includes Canadian and American calculation methods  

* New * Function to add and manage notes in a schedule. For more information, please see page 29 of the user manual (available on this website).


* New * Function that allows you to add links in a schedule to existing documents (pdf, Excel, etc). For more information, please see page 31 of the user manual.

First of all, ANNUI-T Plus 8.0 is a powerful calculator for loans, leases, investment annuities and future values. It also includes other modules for N.P.V. / I.R.R calculation, retirement planning, etc.

ANNUI-T Plus 8.0 also offers several more functions:

Consolidated results report (payment, interest, principal and balance) for a group of selected scenarios

Tool to calculate sales taxes for any Canadian province


Cash Disbursements Journal module for expense accounts, credit card statements, etc. * Note that since the arrival of ANNUI-T Plus 8.0 in 2012, this module contains several important improvements.


Modules for public accountants (worksheets)

Accrued interest

Principal repayments of the next 5 financial years

Long-term debt summary

Long-term debt presentation

Lease contract classification

Lease obligations summary

Journal entries (before, this was a module sold separately). For example, this function allows you to import into many accounting software (Accpac, Acomba, Avantage, MYOB, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, etc) GL entries made from the Cash Disbursements Journal of ANNUI-T.


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